Our Policies

1. Terms & Conditions

2. Payments Criteria

1. Terms & Conditions :-

According to our Terms and Conditions the user must have to follow the following

You can be from any age group to register or make profile to upload content and to start your earnings but the content you uploaded must not be illegal in any way . Your uploaded content can be anything but uploaded content must be in limits of our society . You cannot upload mature 18+ content or any other illegal content which can be used in any type of illegal content , if you did so than we can take any action and your account will be deleted and banned permanently . When you are signing up you must provide your legal e-mail because every payment and other information will be send to that e-mail in case of your e-mail loss you can contact us on yourmusicpedia@yahoo.com . The content you upload must not have any CopyRight Issue if they have than your content will be deleted and after three warnings your account will be deactivated . You cannot upload content or private things of others that they not want to publish on social media if any of that type of complaint will be submitted against you than we can take any legal action against you . You cannot upload that type of content which can be used in any illegal activity or you can not do that also in messages or in group chats if you did than we can take any legal action against you and you will be banned for forever . If you use harsh words for someone in groups post or also in messages than you will be banned as this website is for your enjoyment + earning so keep this site like this and try not to provide any information wrong about you. Provide your real name.
Any type of hacking , ethical hacking will not be entertained and we will take action against it . If you have complaints and suggestion than fill it in contact us form and submit that . After submitting sign up form it means that you agree to all of our policies . You must activate your account by confirming your e-mail without activation any application will not be entertained and if you not activated your account within 3 days than your account application will be deleted .

2. Payment Criteria :-

The payment criteria is very easy to understand which are as follow :-

The payment will be uploaded on your dashboard . The link of your dashboard will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of your registration and activation . How much will you earn is all depends upon you views and comments . Only music posts (audio) will be treated as payable material other posts will not be payable. So if you post a song than you get 100 views on it than this 100 views will be equal to $1
So the equation is 100 views = $1 . Every post will be treated individually so if you have 2 posts on which you got 100 views on 1st one and 300 views on 2nd one than the total views will be 400 which is equal to $4 . The all information will be uploaded on your dashboard and will be updated after every week . You can request us for PayOut by typing PayOut and sending it to yourmusicpedia@yahoo.com . The payout criteria is when you have $75 or higher than $75 in your account than you can request for payout otherwise you are not applicable for payout . After you request payout then we will check your dashboard and if you are eligible for payout than we will e-mail you the link than fill that form . in that form you have to fill street address , payment method , legal information including your name etc . After you submit the payout form than you will receive your payments within 3 – 5 business days . On any illegal activity which are mentioned in Terms and Conditions we are capable to delete your account with your payments.